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07255Development Survey takingpublic2014-03-01 01:37
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Product Version2.00 
Summary07255: Question Index does not display entire list
DescriptionThe Question Index does not display the entire list of questions when the user starts the survey. At a minimum there should be an option to show the entire question index.
Steps To Reproduce1) Turn on the question index for a survey
2) View the Survey
Additional InformationI would be happy to do the coding. However I am not familiar with the project, so a few pointers (what should be changed and where) would be helpful.
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2013-02-08 20:21

reporter   ~24011

The template of the survey has a question index on the right side when viewing the survey. Can this show all the sections needed to be completed instead of the sections that have been completed?



2013-02-20 16:36

reporter   ~24178

Are there any current plans to implement this, or should I do it myself and open a pull request?


2013-03-07 17:51

reporter   ~24572


I am using Sherpa template. So if you choose sherpa and view the survey. On the right it will appear with all the sections you completed. I wonder if you can help to change the code on the template or something so that it will show all the sections of the survey. I hope it is clear. Is that what you are looking for re. pointers?



2013-10-01 14:00

reporter   ~26456

mfairchild365, do you know more about this, issue, have you begun working on it or do you know of somebody doing so?

I'm as well interested and willing to collaborate. In any case, drop me a mail please.



2014-02-17 21:48

reporter   ~28802

Are there other things that would have to be worked around if a user skips ahead? If so, then could Groups be listed but not hyperlinked until after they have been clicked through sequentially?


2014-02-20 18:47

reporter   ~28843

finnnns: I do not know more about this issue. I tried to dive into the code to add the feature but I need some guidance as I am unfamiliar with the code base.

My work around so far has been to display the entire survey at once.


2014-02-20 18:50

reporter   ~28844

I should mention that displaying the entire survey is helpful, but not ideal from a usability/design standpoint.

For longer surveys, a user could easily be overwhelmed by the amount of questions displayed at once, and could lose their place easily.

It would be preferable if all of the available questions could be listed in the question index from the start. Any sub-questions could be hidden by default, and then displayed after its requirements have been met.


2014-03-01 01:35

reporter   ~29022

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2.05+ now includes the option to display a "full" or "incremental" question index.

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