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07245Development Central participant databasepublic2019-09-23 12:20
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Summary07245: A user can remove attributes of the CPD owner who shared participants

When a user edit attributes management of his CPD, the deletion of attributs remove attributs in his CPD and in the CPD of the owner who shared participants.

Steps To Reproduce

1- User A shared participants to user B in his CPD which have 2 attributes
2- User B edit his attributes management and see the 2 attributes of user A
3- User B delete one attribut in his CPD.
4- User A edit his attributes management and doesn't see the attribute deleted by user B.

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2013-02-23 14:48

administrator   ~24209

At the moment giving permissions to the CPDB includes editing of all attributes.
Changing that would require a more detailed permission set - so it is not a bug, rather something to change for future versions.

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