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07066Development Authenticationpublic2012-12-11 17:11
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Summary07066: CAS authentication
DescriptionWhen trying to delegate admin authentication to a CAS server, I copied the code from config-defaults.php in config.php :

[code type=php]
// CAS Settings
* Please note that CAS functionality is very basic and you have to modify the client to your needs.
* At least the hard work is done.
* The Client is deployed in Limesurvey and a file login_check_cas.php does what login_check.php does in normal mode.
* $casEnabled determines if CAS should be used or not for Authentication.
* $casAuthServer the servername of the cas Auth Server. Without http://
* $casAuthPort CAS Server listening Port
* $casAuthUri relative uri from $casAuthServer to cas workingdirectory
$config['casEnabled'] = false;
$config['casAuthServer'] = '';
$config['casAuthPort'] = 443;
$config['casAuthUri'] = '/cas/login?service=http://localhost:8888/limesurvey/admin';

When I pass casEnabled from false to true it doesn't change anything : in version 1.9, I was redirected to CAS login page when trying to access admin page.

How can I check what's happening ? Which files are involved in the authentication process ? Where is the casEnabled value is handled ?

I can do some testing on my CAS server if needed, so feel free to ask.

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