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07048Development [All Projects] Expression Managerpublic2015-08-21 15:51
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned ToDenisChenu  
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Product Version2.00 
Target Version2.06Fixed in Version2.06 
Summary07048: No need to show error at respondant

When you make error on EM , for example {QCODE.shown} with a inexistant QCODE, then there error when you do survey.

It great for admin, but it's bad for respondant, they don't need to see error.

Steps To Reproduce

Import lss survey file, activate, deconnect from admin and try

Additional Information

The {QGROUP2.shown} are set after, why not we can't use EM from next page.

It can be great to have this functionnality: even with {QGROUP2.NAOK} showing error, even after move previous

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related to 08824 new Feature requests Never show error with {TOKEN:} 
parent of 07703 closedmfaber Feature requests When an exclusive option in a multiple choice question is malformatted, the answers arenĀ“t saved at all. 
related to 08829 closedmfaber Bug reports Questions with incorrect relevance equations are not shown 




2012-12-07 13:43


limesurvey_survey_EMshowerror.lss (12,758 bytes)


2014-12-22 16:41

developer   ~31335

Public EM error are shown only if user have surveycontent rigth update
Admin EM error are stylised only if user have surveycontent rigth update

We already fix the JS if there are error, review for Condition too ? (false or true ? Actually : true ?)

Related Changesets

LimeSurvey: 2.06 c8a9327b

2014-12-22 15:38:50


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New feature 07048: Don't show EM error to respondant
Dev: Public EM error are shown only if user have surveycontent rigth update
Dev: Admin EM error are stylised only if user have surveycontent rigth update
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mod - application/helpers/expressions/em_core_helper.php Diff File

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