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07037Development Survey takingpublic2012-12-22 02:46
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned ToDenisChenu  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version2.1 
Summary07037: In some condition, unable to enter in survey
DescriptionI have some difficulty to find exactly the condition to reproduce, but sometimes i have:
PHP notice
Undefined variable: hiddenfieldnames

Steps To ReproduceMaybe:
Import lss files,
Activate survey
Add a token table
Make dummy token
Launch 1 or 2 time the survey by the token link
Additional Information$hiddenfieldnames CAN nOT be defined, but why sometimes survey don't go to this stage ????

$hiddenfielsnames are used only at line 735/740.
In 2.0, is set by :$hiddenfieldnames = implode("|", $inputnames); with inputnames, all inputnames of question.

I don't know why exactly hiddenfieldnames is used, but sure for EM ....
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2012-12-06 02:22

developer   ~22949

When it work,

SurveyRuntimeHelper / function run seems to be not used (put a die at start of function ...)


2012-12-06 03:51

reporter   ~22952

EM doesn't use $hiddenfieldnames at all. It may help generate them, but it doesn't use them for validation the way 1.91 did.


2012-12-06 08:38

developer   ~22958


Thank you Thomas.

I think we can remove this function because even without SurveyRuntimeHelper / function run using there are an hidden input with inputnames.

Add to test with "upload question type".



2012-12-22 02:46

developer   ~23347

Fixed some time ago with another bug

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