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07020Development [All Projects] Response browsingpublic2014-01-30 16:13
Assigned ToDenisChenu 
Product Version2.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.00 
Summary07020: "Show question index / allow jumping" with "Allow editing responses after completion" are incomplete
DescriptionWhen I active this option "Show question index / allow jumping", there is only the first question group in the index. I can't see the others groups and the button "send" on the right of the screen (in the index).
Steps To ReproduceSorry I don't have an export of survey.
Just put YES to the option "Show question index / allow jumping", you need to have at least 2 question groups, and when you go the servey, the question index is incomplete (only the first group is shown) and you can't jump to another group.
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related to 08634closedmdekker Bug reports Resuming a saved survey goes to wrong page 



DenisChenu (developer)

It's for "Allow editing responses after completion?" with token enabled survey and a token already used.

Yes ?


adrith (reporter)

Yes exactly, to edit responses after completion. And jump to the 8th questions for example.


DenisChenu (developer)

Changed the title of the bug


TMSWhite (reporter)

To clarify, the index only shows the groups/questions you have already seen, so you should not be able to jump ahead.

Are you saying that the full index is not shown at the beginning, or that upon resume, the index does not show all of the questions that had been seen?


DenisChenu (developer)

Thomas: it's for already using token, with "Allow editing responses after completion?".

The user seen whole question (except the condition hidden question) before, but not in actual session.

Think with (alloweditaftercompletion=="Y" && {{surveys}}.submitdate NOT NULL) we have to set $_SESSION['survey_'.$surveyid]['maxstep'] to $_SESSION['survey_'.$surveyid]['totalsteps'] somewhere.

Can test some patch, but think there are a lot of crash possibility with that.



DenisChenu (developer)

Fix committed to master branch:


DenisChenu (developer)

Fixed in 2.0
Waiting for a working 2.1


DenisChenu (developer)

Fix committed to 2.1 branch:


DenisChenu (developer)

Change "Fixed in version"

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