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06856Development Statisticspublic2012-11-14 03:01
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Summary06856: Choose pdf fonts like graph fonts for Statistics ( maybe export too)

In statitics, pdf export, if you choose some specific laguage (ar is a good example), then statistics show square.

Steps To Reproduce

Take the lss file from
Import it, make some answer and try to view the pdf statitics in Arabic

Additional Information

After : we can use $pdfdefaultfont=='auto' in config-default.php, and then apply same principle than .

Think we can do the same job, excelt tcpdf included font can be used. Actually freemono can work for same language, but freesans are included too.

Id we set it to auto, then font are not included in PDF : pdf file are lighter.

It's a config change (from 1.90), then maybe for 2.1.

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2012-11-12 14:42

developer   ~22087

PS: I have the patch, but not sure for 2.0/2.1


2012-11-14 03:01


Great blog, I will add this blog to my favorites.

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