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06763Development Otherpublic2012-11-26 22:25
Reporterc_schmitz Assigned Touser16774 
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Product Version2.1 
Target Version2.1 
Summary06763: Question attributes are not part of the question objects yet
DescriptionAll question attributes need to be moved to their respective question types objects - as far as I can see they currently still reside in common_helpers.php .

Also for the purpose of issue 06716 an additional inputtype needs to be added
that marks an attribute as an expression so that is properly highlighted when shown in the interface.
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related to 06716 confirmeduser16774 question view screen does not syntax-highlight any advanced question options 



2012-10-26 16:18


Each class has a list of its attributes returned by availableAttributes(). Specific attribute values are returned by getAttributeValues() which is inherited from QuestionModule.

I don't understand what the issue is.


2012-10-26 17:21

administrator   ~21719

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The issue is that only the attribute names are there - the whole definition should be moved the particular question object (and only the question attributes that matter for that question type, of course)

Because what if I want to create a new attribute for a question type? There is currently no way of doing that without adding it to the core.

So, the function questionAttributes in common_helper should not exist anymore.


2012-10-26 17:34


Fair enough. I'll need to think about the proper implementation of this for a bit though because I don't want to duplicate the definition in each file.


2012-10-26 17:34


But... yes, I agree with you in practice.


2012-10-26 21:41

administrator   ~21723

I guess there is no way around duplicating the definition in each file ;).


2012-11-26 22:25

administrator   ~22560

Fix me! ;)

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