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06660Development [All Projects] Survey editingpublic2012-10-08 09:10
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Summary06660: Understand and edit Question parameter are more and more very difficult

The advanced parameter of question is more and more complex. Find the good parameter is very difficult.

Some parameter just use by some user take a lot of place.

Steps To Reproduce

Look at advanced parameter in question short-free-text and list (dropdown).

It's very difficult to find the good parameter.

Same think in Survey advanced settings : find the setting i know it exist is sometimes very difficult.

Additional Information

I think:
Some settings take a complete part (Gmaps, Timer (this one is .... ugly)). Some settings are in a bad emplacement (for example logic is at end in french : no specific order but alphabetical order) etc ...

I don't know what is the good way, but it's easy to add more and more option, but is more and more option are really good for LS user.

Sometimes I think LS administration is like an airplane cockpit.

Put 2 picture for example.

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short-free-text.png (274,149 bytes)


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list-dropdown.png (248,691 bytes)


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list-dropdown_jsut-question.png (139,740 bytes)


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2012-10-08 09:10

developer   ~21116

Some idea:

  • Make 2 question type for one : for example : short-text, google maps. Think it's easyest after to make view for each question type: each question type = one view.
  • Make some "global show option' in survey setting : timer for example (like assesments)
  • Add a parameter in questionAttributes : important yes/no : the important have a specific class: showing by default, other is hidden by default, a "see more" link to see it (in each category)
  • Add a "order" in category
  • Review the order for each attribute (a lot of attribute have sortorder=>100). Maybe we can use this order to have the seemore option: between 0 and 500 : show by default. 501 and more hidden by default. Example for slider_layout :

slider_layout: sortorder: 100 (it's teh first in the category)

Hidden by default:
slider_default : 550
slider_middlestart : 560
slider_min : 600
slider_max : 601
slider_accuracy : 650
slider_rating : 700 (we use it ?)
slider_showminmax : 750
slider_separator : 760

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