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06565Development Survey editingpublic2012-09-22 15:22
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Summary06565: GCI: file upload modal dialog too wide in iframe

The modal dialog generated by "file upload" question type is too wide if it is embedded in the iframe that is narrower than 984px.

Currently the width is hard coded in "/scripts/modaldialog.js"

Is there a way that you can add an option to enter the width of the dialog when you create a "file upload" question type?

Steps To Reproduce
  1. create a survey with "file upload" question type.
  2. create a page that includes the survey in the iframe of which width is about 700px or less.
  3. click "upload file" in the survey.
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When i look to some file upload javascript plugin, i found this one:

I think it's really the best one, because you can have a php script without javascript and a php script with javascript, then make file upload very better.

And non need another windows lika actual system :).

There are a lot of alternative, but please : no flash ! ;)

PS: see for a template/modaldialog.js :)

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