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06362Development Installationpublic2012-07-21 22:07
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Summary06362: allow links or configuration on directories that need write access

It would be nice if limesurvey would allow directories that need write access to be links to another location or make them configurable so the install could be split into readonly and writeable parts.

I'm helping package limesurvey for Fedora as a rpm, and our guidelines tell us that non arch specific read only files should be under /usr/share, but writable/changeable files should be under /etc or /var.

The bulk of limesurvey can be safely installed under /usr/share, but some directories need to be written by the webserver user. If we set those as links things mostly work, with one exception:

/usr/share/limesurvey/application/config cannot be a link to /var/lib/limesurvey/application/config. If we have this link, limesurvey fails to install, saying it cannot write to the indicated directory. Perhaps a check could be added for a link here and to follow it and check the linked directory for writablity?

Alternately, if there was some way to configure things to say: writable directories would all be under $foo that would be great too.

Directories that need to be writable:


Everything else seems to run ok without.

Steps To Reproduce

Create a link from /usr/share/limesurvey/application/config to /var/lib/limesurvey/application/config.
Make sure /var/lib/limesurvey/application/config is owned by the apache/webserver user and is writable. Try and install. Installer will fail. Remove the link and copy the directory back and installer will run fine.

Additional Information

Happy to provide additional info or rationale. I'd love to get limesurvey in Fedora. :)

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