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05983Development Survey Designpublic2015-08-21 15:51
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Summary05983: Comportment of "Equation question type"

When i look to equation question type, i search for a "value" option. For example, put the equation in default value.
But here : the question set the value.

Maybe it's best to separate the value and the question text.
Then we can have :
question text : Yes ! you're the best because you gain {ASSESMENT} point
value in DB : {ASSESMENT}

Then it's more clear for user.
Additional InformationIdea:
Add advanced setting :
Only for equation question type

Or use "default value" settings.

After we can remove the extra <div clas="em_equation"> from replacement.php

Can get it.
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related to 08673 closedDenisChenu Bug reports Equation attribute 'numeric' do nothing 
related to 08885 new Feature requests Validate 'mandatory' equation 




2012-04-04 11:48

developer   ~18187


I put in bug report, it's not a bug it's a dev :)


2012-04-04 18:03

reporter   ~18197

I don't understand what you are asking.

The equation question type saves in the database as a text field, so it can store numbers, dates, or even full reports (which reference many variables). Also, only a subset of equations are like what you describe. Often they are intermediate calculations used for branching logic or scoring, so you would never have an Assessment-like message for them.

So, I don't think we should change the way the equation question type is implemented.

On the other hand, if you are asking for an easier way to represent assessments, that could certainly be discussed.


2012-04-04 18:57

developer   ~18198

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It's not specific for assesment, it's just for an example. I had to explain how to use equation question type at a user on the forum, and i understand why she don't understand.

For an example:
The equation : to be in database: young/old
(the equation make somethink like {if age.value<35,'young','old'})

But you can want to show:

<question>You're are {if age.value<35,'young','old'})</question>
 but save only
<database>{if age.value<35,'young','old'}</database>

Then i think an advanced parameter with : Equation:
Can be a good solution.

Or use the default value.

Like i say, it's not a bug; but an improvement.
If (attribute['equation']=="")

And input are <input type="hidden" id .... value="attribute['equation']" />

we use only attribute['equation'] in database.



2013-06-22 11:44

developer   ~25616

Put it for 2.05.

Extra div must e removed too. This "div" must be in answer part.


2013-07-09 09:46

reporter   ~25741

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Why not use a boilerplate to display to the respondent and expression field for the db value? No work needed.

EDIT: expression field = equation question type



2013-07-09 09:51

developer   ~25742

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Yes Menno,

But think it's a workaround, think beter is to have allways difference betwwen : what is shown and what is put in DB.

Maybe not for 2.05, but better for 2.1 (Question Plugon).

PS: confirm the severity : minor



2013-08-26 12:18

developer   ~26083

@mdeker : and actually 'boilerplate' add a column in database. This can break some survey if you have a lot of equation.


2015-03-12 10:51

developer   ~31807

Fix committed to 2.06 branch:

Related Changesets

LimeSurvey: 2.06 5485367e

2015-03-12 09:51:15


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New feature 05983 : allow different value in Database tha shown in Equation question type
Dev: this way : no specific system for Equation getQuestionReplacement
Dev: Answer is in answer art, question in question part.
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