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05886Development Print Viewpublic2019-09-23 12:20
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Summary05886: Overwork PDF export(s) so they make use of XHTML + CSS and look nicer
DescriptionAccording to example #61 at the TCPDF library is able to use XHTML+CSS for layout and styling. This might be a good approach to "connect" the browser output and the PDF code so all overviews that can be exported as PDF will look the same.
would also make it easy to customize some print screens like printanswers, which could then even match a certain template's look and feel.
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2012-03-07 16:41

partner   ~17773

What do you think, Carsten. Would that be a good start once we start overworking the PDF exports?


2012-03-07 16:43

administrator   ~17774

Imho TCPDF only support pretty basic HTML, so I am not sure if that works.
Anyway, this is not a bug so please move it to the development section.


2013-04-18 17:46

reporter   ~24989

TCPDF definitely does not support most of the HTML spec.. We should create custom pdf-templates (which use html / css) as their base, but exporting existing html to pdf will be ugly.

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