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05841Development Survey Designpublic2019-09-23 12:20
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Summary05841: Slider layout available for Multiple Numerical question type but not Numerical type
DescriptionThe title is self-explanatory: The slider question layout is available for Multiple Numerical questions, but not for the standard Numerical type.
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2012-02-21 16:50

partner   ~17535

The slider feature never existed for the "usual" numerical question type. It is only supported for "multiple numerical input" question types. That's no problem, because you can use the multiple numerical input type with just one subquestion.

I don't consider this a bug, maybe a missing feature. Carsten?


2012-02-23 15:58

reporter   ~17584

I agree. A fair amount of code is used to generate sliders. Since there is an easy work-around (use multiple numeric), rather than copying it into the plain numeric type for 1.92, I recommend abstracting the slider code out for 2.0 so that it can be used for any numeric type (e.g. even an array of sliders)


2012-02-23 16:01

administrator   ~17585

Yeah, missing feature. Moving to development.

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