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05776Development Survey takingpublic2013-09-21 15:15
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Summary05776: survey_runtime.js should not need to call check_conditions at startup
DescriptionAll text should be properly tailored; validations applied; and relevance criteria evaluated in PHP - should not need to also be called from JavaScript
Steps To Reproducecomment out line:

    if (typeof checkconditions!='undefined') checkconditions();

from survey_runtime.js and see (when running ls2_validation_tests.lss) that without running that function at startup, get validation tips in black (instead of color) that are missing their tailoring (e.g. "Please enter a number greater than" without the tailored number value)
Additional InformationThis is just a performance issue. It might be possible to speed up load a fraction of a second if this is resolved.
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2013-02-01 11:20

developer   ~23932

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Hello Thomas,

Think we had to remove all inline condition function.
And put this in external javascript with $.delegate system.

For exemple for text input:
$("#limesurvey").delegate("input.text","keyup focusout",function(event){
// Do the function

Etc ....
$.delegate is really better than included javascript, more robust javascript.
But need a lot of time to update this ;).

Use the .text class for restrict to only needed input, can test if numeric or if integeronly with:

Etc ....



2013-09-21 15:15

developer   ~26302

Think better to use data css3 function.

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