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05754Development Statisticspublic2017-07-26 15:14
ReporterblueskyAssigned Todionet 
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Summary05754: Equation question type not evaluated
DescriptionIt seems that equation type questions are not reported in the statistics module of limesurvey. I tried it, the database has the correct values, but the statistic module does not show them. I attach the group for reproduction of the error.
Additional InformationI wanted to donate anyhow, so no need for 48 hrs, if the design allows including equation questions beiing used in the built in statistics it would be just even more comfortable :-)
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2012-02-03 17:54


limesurvey_group_19(1).lsg (59,976 bytes)


2012-02-06 04:02

reporter   ~17236

Mazi - since you wrote the statistics module to begin with, can you take this one? Now that the equation question type ('*') lets equation results be stored in the database, it would be really nice to access them from the statistics page.


2012-02-06 07:53

developer   ~17237

Tom, I didn't code the statistics part, I only did some extensions. For the core we can blame Jason :-)

Carsten, what do you think about adding the "new" question type at statistics? I think it makes sense but I can't judge the effort for doing so in 2.0 (I think we should skip that for 1.92 as we plan to release 2.0 the next weeks).


2012-02-13 10:01

developer   ~17384

Forum topic:


2013-04-29 17:43

reporter   ~25165

Hi All, This bug is really important to fix because a lot of funtionality is lost without having the Equations on the stats. Is there any development on this issue? Thanks


2016-08-31 09:53

reporter   ~40588

Hi All, any updates on this bug? I think the functionality to include Equation on the stats are very critical.


2017-06-29 19:46

reporter   ~43989

Hi, same problem but I found a workaround in the manual :
One can use an equation question to autofill the value of another regular question like a numeric question.
This question can then be displayed on the stats.


2017-07-26 15:14

developer   ~44251

pthome: very good idea. Maybe you should add an entry in the wiki about it?

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