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05689Development Survey takingpublic2012-02-23 16:42
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Product Version1.92RC2 
Summary05689: Overly lengthy surveys: HTML and JavaScript generated for all sub-questions even if array_filter should exclude them

If an array_filter is set on a prior page, there is no way that filtered questions could be relevant, so don't generate the HTML and JavaScript for them.

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2012-01-27 19:24

reporter   ~17033

[[Transcript from discussion on 1/27/2011]]

[18:26] <c_schmitz> hidden by what?
[18:27] <TMSWhite> always_hidden attribute
[18:27] <c_schmitz> yeah, the attribute is not detailed enough
[18:27] <c_schmitz> it should have two states at least
[18:27] <c_schmitz> ok, three
[18:27] <TMSWhite> Right now, even if always_hidden, as long as the question is relevant, it doesn't cascade to make questions that depend upon the always_hidden question also irrelevant
[18:28] <TMSWhite> the advantage of that approach is that you can havfe always_hidden variables into which you can pre-fill data from the URL (or fields in the DB that you can fill after the survey is done)
[18:28] <c_schmitz> Off (Question behaves normally), Hidden (can be seen in HTML output, just always hidden), No output (no output)
[18:28] <c_schmitz> TMSWhite: I agree
[18:29] <TMSWhite> good - so no core change needed at this time
[18:29] <TMSWhite> Off / Hidden / No output is good idea for the future
[18:29] <c_schmitz> yeah
[18:30] <TMSWhite> I've prototyped part of that for hiding sub-questions, but it was breaking things, so I've tabled it.
[18:30] <c_schmitz> yeah, that's fine
[18:30] <TMSWhite> OK, so I'll table this bug for now:

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