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05663User patchesSurvey Takingpublic2012-06-21 14:16
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Summary05663: Record participants via Nanogong applet

For my survey I want to record the spoken answers of the participants and store them on the surver. To do this, I used , an app which lets you record your voice on a web page.

Steps To Reproduce

Follow the instructions on the Nanogong webpage, save nanogong.jar and receiver.php in the same folder you want the voice files to appear in (I used scripts) and copy the html file into a "text only" question.

Additional Information

The program will then save participants voice files with their ID and the Question ID you assigned in the Question of your survey as "userid_questionid".

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)11804




2012-01-15 01:29


Nanogong question code.html (975 bytes)   
<script language="JavaScript"> 
function submitVoice() 
// Find the applet object 
var applet = document.getElementById("nanogong"); 
// Tell the applet to post the voice recording to the backend PHP code 
// and pass on the userID generated by limesurvey (userid=SAVEDID) and a self-chosen ID for the question "question1"
var ret = applet.sendGongRequest( "PostToForm", "receiver.php?userid=" + {SAVEDID} + "question1", "voicefile", "", "temp"); 
if (ret == null || ret == "") 
	alert("Failed to submit the voice recording!"); 
	alert("Voice recording has been submitted!"); 
<!--This is the important part, change the adress after codebase to the folder that contains nanogong.jar-->
<applet archive="nanogong.jar" code="gong.NanoGong" codebase="" height="40" id="nanogong" width="180"></applet>
	<input onclick="submitVoice()" type="button" value="Submit!" />&nbsp;</form>
Nanogong question code.html (975 bytes)   

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