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05654Development [All Projects] Import/Exportpublic2013-03-17 12:13
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Summary05654: Problems with umlauts/mutated vowels when exporting to latin1 doc file
DescriptionThere seems to be something wrong with the export feature that lets you export the results of a survey as "Microsoft Word (latin charset)" if you use mutated vowels (common in the german language).

1. File doesn't look like a .doc file, more like a HTML file
If you open the file (e.g. results-survey28815.doc in the attachments) with an editor you see that the file has no header (and I think normally .doc files have a header). It starts with an HTML style declaration and continues using HTML. So perhaps a .doc wasn't really created but a HTML file that was just renamed to .doc.

2. charset doesn't match
If I open the file with Microsoft Word, Open Office or Libre Office the mutated vowels will be replaced with signs like "ü". Even Notepad++ thinks the file is in UTF-8. If you switsch to latin_1 the same thing happens.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a german survey e.g. with a male/female gender question. Start the survey, take part and the export the results as .doc file.
Additional InformationAttachments:
- results-survey28815.doc: exported doc file
- exportedDOCfileNotepadAsLatin1.jpg: Screenshot, open with Notepad++ chaset latin
- exportedDOCfileNotepadAsUTF8.jpg: Screenshot, open with Notepad++ chaset UTF-8
- exportedDOCfileWord.jpg: Screenshot, open with Microsoft Word
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c_schmitz (administrator)

The whole Word export needs to be rewritten. This will be fixed only then.

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