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05492Development Survey Designpublic2012-08-14 22:44
ReporterMazi Assigned Tomagiclko 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.91+ 
Target Version2.00Fixed in Version1.92RC2 
Summary05492: Changing global settings takes you away from survey design
DescriptionWhen create a design and then noticing that you need to change a global setting, that changes will take you away from the survey design screen. You get a confirmation saying that the global settings were changed but the survey you were just working on isn't preselected.

It would be great if - when switching to glbal settings - the system would "remember" the URl you came from so you can then be redirected to survey 12454, group 22, question 333 on which you just worked instead of seeing a nearly blank screen with a short confirmation message.
Steps To Reproduce1. Edit a survey question.
2. Go to global settinsg and change some value
3. You are redirected to the main screen and don't return to your survey.
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2012-02-10 14:34

developer   ~17353

I'm n ot sure of the opprortunity to do some work like that :
If you update the survey-setting, then next step is survey.

If we made: update survey-setting if question are opened -> go back to question edit. The if we update survey text - > ?

And if we update group text -> ?

Etc ...

( beside: 2.0 have another system for toolbar link : middle click or right-click/open in new window work ).



2012-02-10 16:31

partner   ~17358

I prefer to take the user back to the page from which he has called the global settings. From a workflow point of view this would be straight forward.


2012-02-25 12:16

developer   ~17624

Maybe, but actually i think it's a bad solution : modify survey , go back to survey, modiy group: go back to group, modify question : go back to question, modify global settings : go back to global.

For me it's totally logic. I understand the logic.


2012-02-25 13:10

partner   ~17627

But often you change a global setting (email, XSS filter, ...) while creating a survey. So it would be a great help if you would be taken back to the page you just edited. Of course, if the user visited the globa settings from the global admin view, that's what he should be taken back to.


2012-02-29 10:29

developer   ~17686

I think it's a bad idea to do something like that, the i can't work on this bug , no ?
The new system seem totally illogic for me.



2012-02-29 11:10

partner   ~17687

Carsten, what's your opinion on the suggested work flow improvement?


2012-03-01 09:52

administrator   ~17692

I think it could be a useful way to enhance usability.
It is not a bug though ;), moving this to development.


2012-03-09 15:51

administrator   ~17802

I think this should extend to all of the main admin bar functions where possible.


2012-03-11 17:38

reporter   ~17882

Implemented in rev r4d94e51 :

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