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05362User patchesStatisticspublic2012-06-21 14:16
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Summary05362: A new Add On for advance statistical analysis

I have made LimeSurvey Add On that performs advance statistics tests along with clustered bar chart. Current version (1.8) provides limited stats with simple pie and bar chat.This Add On enhance stats functionality.Add On have following featutes.

1) chi-square test analysis
2) clustered bar chart
3) pdf output

Steps To Reproduce

Following steps can be performed to use Add On with any version of limeSurvey

1) adding Add On icons in stats tool bar (browsemenubar() function in common.php) overwrite common.php with that is provided in the Add On

2) past stat analysis folder in LimeSurvey Admin folder

3) overwrite admin.php with provided or just update the new code,if admin file is changed in new version.

4) past stat_analysis.png image into images folder

Additional Information

I want to integrate Add On with LimeSurvey current version.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)1.87




2011-07-25 15:21


stat_analysis.rar (738,200 bytes)


2011-07-30 18:01

administrator   ~15909

I had a look at the patch but did not get it to work without errors in an 1.87 version. From what I could see is that it adds cross-tables (pivot tables) to LimeSurvey. I currently do not see alot of chance to integrate this in a short time frame for the following reason:

  • LimeSurvey is currently being ported to CodeIgniter. After the basic port we will re-design certain elements of the application, for example statistics where we will put a full reporting engine in. Unless this reporting engine exists it makes not much sense to add more stuff to the old statistics.

I would love if you could have a look at LImeSurvey in another 6 months for a new integration of your feature. Until then the patch is here and can be used by anyone using an 1.87 version.

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