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04897User patchesAdmin Toolspublic2012-06-21 13:23
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Product Version1.90 
Fixed in Version1.91 
Summary04897: Fix table row heights for the display responses table

So I have a "survey" (more like an "application form") that has large text in both questions and answers.

When viewing the responses (/admin/admin.php?action=browse&sid=18513&subaction=all) I was surprised at how difficult it is to visually scan through responses. Each "row" is very large vertically, and on my laptop which is only 768px in height, this is essentially unusuable.

I am anticipating hundreds of responses for this particular survey.

So I decided on fixing the height of each row to and allowing a mouse-over to show the full contents of each cell.

After some googling, I settled on putting a DIV into each cell (with a class and title) and styling that accordingly.

I'm sure there are better ways, but that's my quick hack :)

Steps To Reproduce

1) Design a survey with questions that are long
2) Fill out long answers (eg huge free text)

Additional Information

My hack is to /admin/browse.php and /admin/styles/default/adminstyle.css

Just some short code examples:

$tableheader .= "<th class='$gbc'><div class=\"browsedatafield\" title=\"{$fn[1]}\">"
. FlattenText("$fn[1]")
. "</div></th>\n";

and further down:

$browseoutput .= "<td align='center'><div class=\"browsedatafield\">$browsedatafield</div></td>\n";

And the css:

.browsedatafield {
height: 50px;
overflow: hidden;

I'm not suggesting using this code, I'm sure there are better ways :)

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2011-01-29 18:35

developer   ~13999

Think it's a good idea to have in css something like that too:


then the header are alxays here :)



2011-02-06 19:04

developer   ~14069

Javascript way , fixed in 9746

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