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04587User patchesOtherpublic2010-12-14 13:02
Reporteruser9586Assigned Toc_schmitz  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.90 
Fixed in Version1.91 
Summary04587: Allow to restrict numbers to specific boundaries.

This patch adds two new options to "Number" question types named "Maximum value of the numeric input" and "Minimum value of the numeric input" respectively.

This allows the surveyor to restrict the range (or a single boundary) of the answer without resorting to a regex.

Additional Information

As for report 04586, I used checkpregs() to validate the answer server-side. See the discussion in that report.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)9114



2010-09-10 16:19


Updated patch to fix some undefined warnings.



2010-10-11 23:55

administrator   ~13096

Can you please provide the patch as a subversion patch (svn diff) against our 1.91 development version at the subversion branch at :

Thank you!


2010-10-21 11:49


2-int-bounds.php (2,615 bytes)


2010-10-21 11:49


Patch updated against limesurvey_dev



2010-11-01 17:23

administrator   ~13385

Hello wavexx,

I am sorry but that is again not a subversion patch but one created with a standard diff tool.
The problem with this standard diff patch file is that I don't know what subversion revision this is based on, so I cannot apply it.
Can you maybe tell me the revision number so I can try to apply it?

As said: The patch is best created with the "svn diff" command.



2010-11-01 17:25

administrator   ~13386

The other patches have the same problem :-/


2010-11-02 11:13


Bug 04586 (which is the first one) is a straight SVN diff patch. I probably used "interdiff" here to remove the changes contained in that report.

I cannot diff beyond one patch with SVN. The only way I could think of doing it is by performing a checkout of a whole repository for each patch, but it's too much work.

I could diff all the patches together, but that would include all the submitted patches in a single diff.

If the SVN build number is all you need, I can attach a comment.

That being said, the later patches are interdependent, so I'll wait until the first ones go through.


2010-11-02 11:14


This patch was generated against build 9285


2010-11-04 13:33


This is the next patch.



2010-11-04 13:53

administrator   ~13419

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Ok done, whats next? :-)

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