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04056User patchesImport / Exportpublic2021-02-22 11:30
Reporterpantel Assigned Toc_schmitz  
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Product Version1.87 
Summary04056: "Push" answer from local survey system to distant

This patch allows for the survey on several offline systems and consolidate the answer on a "centralised" survey.
Need some work on the GUI.

Ce patch permet de faire les enquêtes sur plusieurs systèmes non connectés et de regrouper les réponses sur un système "central".
Il manque une partie IHM.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)1.87


2010-01-19 13:45 (3,620 bytes)


2010-01-19 14:31


Please describe a little bit more detailed (also with screenshot) what this patch is all about - THX!



2010-01-19 16:25

reporter   ~10809

For a project, I will have tablet pc that are off-line and I have to centralise all the answer on a server to do statistic.
That's why I did this patch that sends the answer from a survey system to another.
The survey need to have the same Id, and there is some configuration to do in the config.php.
There no screenshot for now, because there is no done.
Hope it's more clear.


2010-01-19 17:40


Why was VV-Export and VV-Import not an option for your problem?

@ c_schmitz: what do you think about the patch?



2010-01-20 10:51

reporter   ~10815

The import export is too hard the person that will do the survey.
I want something more automatic.



2010-03-16 00:05

administrator   ~11380

Hello Pantel,

thank you for your patch! I checked you script thoroughly. Unfortunately the synchronization procedure is very unsafe. You are automatically assuming that the source and destination survey has the same order of fields when doing the sync. It will fail if the survey is using some different question/answer/label id order even if it is otherwise completely the same survey. Also there is no GUI to determine the destination survey.
We can incorporate this functionality into the core only if it is generic and foolproof. Do you like to develop this further and solve the problems above? Let us know!



2010-03-16 18:17

reporter   ~11396

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for now, I can't develop this (too much work) but I will do my best to continu.
I have other idea that I will develop for limesurvey in the future (I think).



2010-03-17 00:11

administrator   ~11398

Okay, keeping it around then.

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