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03792Development Otherpublic2009-11-18 15:07
Reporterlemeur Assigned Touser372 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.87Fixed in Version1.87 
Summary03792: Issue with the brand new slider_separator question attribute
DescriptionHi Evan,

In my fix number 7776 I introduced a way to display a text before and after the slider (on the same line).

This works ok on FF but not in IE (I don't know if it works on other browsers).

I used "display: table-cell" CSS parameter and I think it is not supported in IE.

Do you know how to fix this ?
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2009-10-24 22:56




2009-10-24 22:57

developer   ~09855

The uplaoded test survey has a slider question with the new question attributes set.


2009-11-10 03:27

developer   ~10044

I've modified the styles in all templates to display the "before/after" and "max/min" text across IE-6/7/8, FF-2/3, Safari-3, Chrome-3


2009-11-10 03:35

developer   ~10045

lemeur, it seems I don't have privileges to change the status of bugs (which is probably a good security thing) so could you please move this to "resolved" if you're happy?




2009-11-10 09:25

developer   ~10047

Hi Tony,

This is not normal, as a developper you should have the right to set the ticket status at will.

Matador, could you update his rights on the bugtracker please ?

Thanks in advance,


2009-11-14 12:50


Mhmm, tpartner already has the privileges of a developer for this project.

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