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02924Development Otherpublic2009-05-19 13:33
Reporterc_schmitz Assigned ToMazi  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version1.81 
Summary02924: Administration login using a link with one time password
DescriptionThe user table has to be extend by a field with a one-time password.

This field can be set by an outside application. Using the URL the user can login using his username (&user=test&onepass=khjugsdf9g67dfg) and the one time password.
After the user logged in the one-time password is replaced by LimeSurvey with an empty one and so it is made invalid. (Of course it should not be possible to login with an empty one-tim password then). The old login mechanism stays the same.
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2009-03-05 17:58

administrator   ~07255

If I would implemenet this I would need about 4 hours.


2009-03-05 18:41

partner   ~07256

Last edited: 2009-03-05 18:43

If I can get some assistance I hope I can cope with this in 4-5 hours.



2009-03-20 01:59

partner   ~07400

first version is available in the 1.81 branch

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