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17350Development Otherpublic2021-08-13 15:13
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Product Version4.x.0-dev 
Target Version4.x.0-dev 
Summary17350: Question theme should be a separate database column, not an attribute
DescriptionTo facilitate code like $question->question_theme using AR relations.
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related to 17379 resolvedgabrieljenik Question types can be uninstalled 
related to 17380 assignedgabrieljenik Question theme has ambiguous columns 

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2021-06-11 15:49

manager   ~64877

> To facilitate code like $question->question_theme using AR relations.

Is this really needed. This could be a really mess as the keys need to be moved from theme_names to numeric ids.
Can we just do question_theme as a column and leave the relationship for later?
Maybe adding a helper method that mimics the relationsip but not a "real one".
Or maybe see if we can make the relationship to be linked by theme name (alternative key).
But anyway, leave the relationship for later

What do you think?


2021-06-11 15:55

administrator   ~64878

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> Can we just do question_theme as a column and leave the relationship for later?

The relation is automatic by Yii (kind of) as soon as you have the column. :)

lime_questions.question_theme_id --> id of question theme

Yeah, needs a db update to apply to all questions in installation. So might not be a very small fix.

Subquestions, when parent_id is set, should have question_theme_id NULL.

Adding a new column without using it doesn't make much sense, tho.

This is _really_ how the original design should have been...


2021-06-11 16:01

manager   ~64879

well, it is not only that, what if Id changes from installation to installation. That will impact the export / import.
There could be other implications not known yet.

Honestly, feels better to do firt its own column, and then see best way to implement relationship.
How do you feel about that?


2021-06-11 16:03

administrator   ~64880

Good point! So maybe question_theme_name instead? Since name is unique too.

> Honestly, feels better to do firt its own column, and then see best way to implement relationship

Not sure how you would split that task?


2021-06-11 16:06

manager   ~64881

> Not sure how you would split that task?

Not sure, but first I will work on moving the attribute.
Then on reviewing how to use the relationship :)


2021-06-11 16:10

administrator   ~64882

In my head that's the same task. xD But have a look.


2021-06-23 16:37

manager   ~65023

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A first delivery:


2021-08-09 22:51

manager   ~65893

Updated query used in update according to engine


2021-08-10 08:53

manager   ~65897

Fix committed to master branch:

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Fixed issue #17350b: Update fails on pgsql and mssql after 17350 (#1999) Affected Issues
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