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17242Development Pluginspublic2021-04-22 16:59
Reportergabrieljenik Assigned Togabrieljenik  
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Summary17242: Remove unused invocations to getOwnQuestionAttributesViaPlugin() and some QuestionBaseDataSet methods
DescriptionQuestionAttribute::getOwnQuestionAttributesViaPlugin() is used on QuestionTheme::getQuestionThemeAttributeValues (see attachment)

That method is used on application\models\QuestionBaseDataSet.php
- getPreformattedBlockOfAdvancedSettings --> never called
- getAdvancedOptions --> said to be deprectaed

Shall we just
1) remove those unused and deprecated methods \QuestionBaseDataSet.php ?
2) remove the getOwnQuestionAttributesViaPlugin() call from QuestionTheme::getQuestionThemeAttributeValues ?
Additional InformationCame up while reviewing 16669
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related to 16669 closedgabrieljenik Bug reports getQuestionAttributes function don't get the plugins attribute 
has duplicate 17240 closedgabrieljenik Development  Clean up functions related to question attributes 

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2021-04-22 15:44

manager   ~64114


Remove getPreformattedBlockOfAdvancedSettings and getAdvancedOptions from QuestionBaseDataSet

Move getAttributesAsArrayFromDB to its own method
Move \QuestionTheme::getAdditionalAttrFromExtendedTheme to its own method
Move \QuestionAttribute::getQuestionAttributesSettings to its own method

Removed Hungarian notation

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