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16879Development Survey editingpublic2021-03-07 21:56
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Summary16879: All question themes will be available in question selector
DescriptionTitle, plus the setting "question theme" will then be removed.

Must work with <select> question type selector too.

The XML setting will be obsolete.
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2020-12-08 15:08

partner   ~60863

Idea, not well worked out yet: I can imagine that theme developer can include/exclude question types/question themes in some way. For example: exclude array questions from mobile only theme.


2020-12-08 15:10

developer   ~60864

I'm unsure on this point .

- Button : it's a question type for single choice, but an attribute for YesNo and gender. I think here : Theme as attribute is OK
- Checkbox for Array number : clearly must be a theme separate as Question type
- : I think it's best if it's stay a QuestionTheme and not a Question Type
- : I think it's best if it's stay a QuestionTheme and not a Question Type
- QuestionTyep OK ONLY when we can add validation Expression in QuestionTheme


2020-12-08 15:11

developer   ~60865

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Overall, makes sense but I would like to see an indication of what is core and what is custom.


2020-12-08 15:27

developer   ~60866

Another Example (with Slider of Tony )
Slider question is a settings of Multi numeric
But 2 specific slider is new Question type

Since Theme dev can choose to be in dropdown or in Theme chooser : why change tis ? Realy needed ? If it's for more stability OK.
But if you think it's for user : i really think it's false. I can be more complicated for some user (and less unerstandable).


2020-12-25 15:37

administrator   ~61164

Merged into develop.

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