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16029Development Survey Designpublic2020-04-02 15:49
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Summary16029: Refactor Vue
Description== Biggest problems with current Vue implementation ==

* Multiple roots
* Long compile times
* Randomly failing compiles
* Compiled code in repository
* No standard communication between server and client
* Duplicated and too many Ajax calls
* Conflict with pjax
* Conflict with jQuery?

== Goals ==

* Only one root
* Remove Vue from all places except the survey view (e.g., not needed during survey create view)
* Make LS4 run on our hosting platform

== Open questions ==

* Convert whole backend to Vue? Remove (almost) all Vue components? Any benefits of a hybrid system?

== Minimal changes for hosting support ==

* Remove duplicate Ajax calls (better still: reduce Ajax calls to minimum)
Additional InformationAlso discussed on LimeSurvey GmbH internal wiki.
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related to 15996 assignedJHoeck Feature requests Developer Manual : package rebuild 




2020-03-25 16:21

developer   ~56774

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The EventBus is bound to the global scope as Singleton. If we move to single root system. This should also be changed to the normal way.
Also we should remove all render functions in vue js. the whole topbar component has to be rewritten for this.
We are using different building systems. Move to one solution and use it everywhere.
Multiple Vuex implementations. => Move to one Vuex store.



2020-04-02 15:46

partner   ~56887

@ollehar: Another important detail to consider is the way VueJS can play together with plugins. At LS 3 we had various ways for a plugin to add a new button or menu entry to the admin interface. With vueJS to me it loos like we made several steps backwards regarding integration of plugins.


2020-04-02 15:49

administrator   ~56889

Yes, that is correct, @Mazi. Markus disregarded this to a very large degree (completely?). Something for @JHoeck to investigate?

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