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15932Development Survey editingpublic2020-02-28 23:21
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Summary15932: Question Editor does not load data for custom attributes of a question theme
DescriptionI wrote an own question theme that adds an additional attribute and a custom view to the multiplechoice question type.

In the question editor, the custom attribute field is correctly loaded in the advanced settings. Once I enter something in that field and click save, the value is correctly stored in the database, but on while reloading the data, the field is set back to the default value/emptied. At the same time, the custom view is also not loaded.

As discussed in, this only affects part of the LS installations as some don't have that problem.
Steps To Reproduce- Install the question theme from
- Create a multiple choice question and change the question theme to SVG Selection.
-Add a path to the Image path field
- Click save

The value is gone and the question preview does not use the correct rendering template (it uses the multiplechoice one, not the one from the theme's answer.twig) .

Additional InformationVersion 4.1.7+200224
Tested both on shared hosting (IONOS) and in a virtual machine (bitnami LAMP)
See discussion at for screencasts.

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2020-02-28 13:22

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2020-02-28 15:04

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For my screencast
$ git reset --hard origin/master
HEAD est maintenant à 10454b9ffd Fixed issue 15920

Apache/2.4.38 (Debian)
mysqlnd 5.0.12-dev - 20150407


2020-02-28 23:21

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I just came across something that might be relevant: if I take a look at the local storage in the Storage-tab in the Firefox developer tools i see the following: in the lstquestion_ entries I have for the svg_image_url entry
"svg_image_url":{"name":"svg_image_url","title":"Image path","inputtype":"text","formElementId":"svg_image_url","formElementName":false,"formElementHelp":"An absolute path to the image","formElementValue":"","aFormElementOptions":{"name":"svg_image_url","options":null,"category":"Display","default":"http://...","value":"","sortorder":"80","i18n":"en","readonly":false,"readonly_when_active":false,"expression":"1","classes":["form-control"]}}

whereas for
"cssclass":{"name":"cssclass","title":"CSS class(es)","inputtype":"text","formElementId":"cssclass","formElementName":false,"formElementHelp":"Add additional CSS class(es) for this question. Use a space between multiple CSS class names. You\n may use expressions - remember this part is static.\n ","formElementValue":"","aFormElementOptions":{"name":"cssclass","category":"Display","sortorder":"102","expression":"1","i18n":[],"readonly":[],"readonly_when_active":[],"classes":["form-control"]}}

So the aFormElementOptions differ (some options are (not) arrays). Maybe this helps to track down the issue.

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