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15395Development _ Unknownpublic2019-10-11 12:12
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Summary15395: Split models into services and DAO (data access objects)
Description"Fat models" pattern leads to less testability and too big classes. We should split all models into two categories:


or similar. DAO extends active record, services do not and can be stateless or statefull.

Much functionality in controllers should be moved into services too.
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2019-10-10 17:04

administrator   ~53989

@DenisChenu Feel free to leave feedback. Current discussion about how to increase testability of the code-base, in this case our models.


2019-10-10 18:23

developer   ~53994

Why not , but i need to learn clean difference between services and dao … a sample is OK :)


2019-10-11 11:31

administrator   ~53999

E.g., if you have a method in a class with no "this" and no "self" (and it's static even), one should consider moving it to a service class. What's the difference between a helper function and a service class? A service class can be *mocked* in a test, meaning that if class A depend on service class B, we can create a dummy class B_dummy when testing A. This is not possible for helper functions (although a function is easier to test than a stateful class).


2019-10-11 11:34

developer   ~54000

We have a lot of Service in current models ?

Just some definition ? No ?


2019-10-11 11:46

administrator   ~54001

Consider copyToCentral method:

It is thin, which is good. Basically just dealing with the outside world (request) and delegating work to another class. BUT: That class is an active record model, which is bullshit. Active records should ONLY deal with database input/output. What we need is a layer between models and controllers which can more easily be tested than a controller action. So this method here should be moved to a CPDBCopyService class:


2019-10-11 11:47

administrator   ~54002

So instead of "thin controllers, fat models" pattern, it should be "thin controllers, thin models, thin services". :)

All our helper functions could be moved into services, too. But that's another topic.


2019-10-11 11:59

developer   ~54003

Right for copyToCentral … (me never really work with CPDB …)
And better understand here :)

And [Survey::replacePolicyLink]( where is the best place ?


2019-10-11 12:07

administrator   ~54004

New class SurveyPolicyService

Btw, "dao" folder should maybe be called "activerecords". Service can inherit from Yii CModel class (not sure what it does, honestly).


2019-10-11 12:08

administrator   ~54005

> Service can inherit from Yii CModel class

Or maybe not, since a service doesn't hold so much data (state).

A third folder called "forms" or "formmodels" would also be good.


2019-10-11 12:10

developer   ~54006

> A third folder called "forms" or "formmodels" would also be good.

Yep :)


2019-10-11 12:12

administrator   ~54007

Then another possibility:


Putting services outside of model folder since they don't inherit from CModel.

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