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14569Development Otherpublic2019-02-23 17:16
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Summary14569: Move from tcpdf to mpdf

Currently we use tcpdf, we have some issue with float (for print answers).

I try mpdf , and it's really better :

  1. Allow float (in div)
  2. know more class
Steps To Reproduce

Dev: no real reproduce

But : try to do sale thing than included PDF with tcpdf (still work in progress)

Additional Information

The best part seems to know float style for us (see print answers issue), but really know really more class.
Need to review totally a lot of pdf generation , then moving to twig for all this pdf ? Even for stats ?

PS : moving to twig for this is adding twig in application/views/…
Template can replace it if needed

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2019-02-23 11:34


Demo of limeMpdf.pdf (147,200 bytes)

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