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14157Development Otherpublic2021-09-17 11:10
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Summary14157: 2 token dynamic model + 2 survey dynamic model
DescriptionSurvey : +
Token : +
Timeing : +
Steps To ReproduceThink best is to have only Response + Token + Timing each extend Dynamic
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related to 14251 closedDenisChenu Bug reports When deleting a token : CPDB keep link with survey 

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2018-11-26 13:36

administrator   ~49783

I'd prefer to start with "No function should be longer than 60 lines" if we want to refactor things.


2018-11-26 14:52

developer   ~49784

It's not really refactoring, but when we need to fix a function : where did we fix it preferably ?

One class can call another class, but if we go like this : next time we fix in a class, but not in other. And 2 month after : we get a new "same" bug

Choose quickly makes corrections in the right place, and add a call to good class on another one.


2018-11-26 15:41

administrator   ~49785

Sounds like code duplication?


2018-11-26 16:59

developer   ~49787

Yep, and have 2 model for same table => more chance of duplication …

In : i choose to call a \Token function from \TokenDynamic , but maybe aothe dev want to call a \TokenDynamic from \Token .

If we choose : move step by step \Token to \TokenDynamic OR \TokenDynamic to \Token

it's better

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