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13610Development Survey takingpublic2018-05-16 13:07
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Summary13610: Bootswatch Banner Overlays 'End message' on 3.6.2
DescriptionI upgraded from 3.5.4 to 3.6.2 this morning, and noticed that the first line of the end message was 'under' the banner. I only see this issue with the Bootswatch theme, which has a slightly bigger banner than the other default themes. The issue occurs with existing surveys (which displayed fine on 3.5.4) and new surveys, using Chorme and Microsoft Edge.

I upgraded using the instructions for a minor upgrade: backed up existing installation, cleared it, copied over 3.6.2 files, restored config.php, restored uploads directory, set proper permissions.

I have worked around the problem by adding two blank rows at the top of the end message.

Regards, Norbert
Steps To ReproduceCreate a survey on 3.6.2. adding the 'End message' text.
Use the bootswatch theme
Complete the survey - the first line of the 'End message' is overlaid by the banner
Additional InformationI included screenshots with the bootswatch and fruity themes.
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2018-04-17 17:50


End message overlay fruity.png (8,879 bytes)   
End message overlay fruity.png (8,879 bytes)   

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