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12601Development Otherpublic2017-11-13 12:06
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Product Version3.x 
Summary12601: Admin notices not timing out
DescriptionThe admin notices as seen in the attached screenshot do not disappear after an interval - you must click on "x" to close them. In my opinion, these should automatically fade out after some time interval.

(I know they don't in Joomla but I don't agree with that either) :)
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has duplicate 12896 closedLouisGac Bug reports Info boxes e.g. "Subquestions were successfully saved" do not vanish automatically 

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2017-08-16 19:02


capture-16.png (27,957 bytes)   
capture-16.png (27,957 bytes)   


2017-08-18 15:01

developer   ~44312

good idea indeed


2017-08-22 10:45

partner   ~44333

I would like it far better if there was a separate area for these notices and not an overlay. Separate area that grows/shrinks where necessary.

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