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12600Development Otherpublic2017-10-23 11:43
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Product Version3.x 
Summary12600: Admin personal settings not saved correctly
DescriptionThe setting for "HTML editor mode" and "Date format" (and, perhaps others) are reset to the default when logging out/in.
Steps To Reproduce- Open a question-edit view
- In Your account --> Your personal settings, switch to "Popup HTML editor"
- Refresh the question-edit screen - the editor is not shown (correctly)
- Log out, then log In
- Refresh the question-edit screen - the editor IS shown (incorrectly)
- Go back to Your account --> Your personal settings and the editor setting is returned to default
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2017-08-31 16:17




2017-08-31 16:31

reporter   ~44391

Screenshot see previous note.
- open "Your account"
- change language interface to another language
- "Save" or "Save and Close"
- the UI language of the user is changed as expected
- "Logout"
- "Login" with the previous user
- Expected result: the UI language should be the newly selected one
- Real result: the first/old UI language is presented

By the way, if a new language is selected before login in the "administration login panel", the choice is permanently stored for the user. The new language is used for the user after the next login (without selection of language).

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