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12221Development Tokenspublic2017-03-25 11:14
Reporterkkumarsantosh Assigned Toc_schmitz  
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Product Version2.05 
Summary12221: Import Token Issue.

We have a survey which contains around 200K tokens in the database table.
When we try to import more tokens then the import token speed really very flows. Please suggest how to speed up the process.

The Process is stuck in function createTokens($iSurveyID) in TokenDynamic Model. And after that, no further execution takes place for a long time.

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2017-03-24 00:55

developer   ~43318

Did you try increasing your PHP's max_execution_time value? By default it's 30 seconds. I've had to increase this when working with large sets of tokens in the past. You can also just click generate tokens again when it times out. Eventually, it will generate them all. If you can't change your PHP settings, you can break the file up and do it in batches. My computer takes about 40 seconds to generate tokens for 200,000 participants and most of the time is just from database inserts.



2017-03-24 08:24

reporter   ~43321

The import token is from cron batch. And I didn't think that it will need to increase max_execution_time.
Is there any other reason too.



2017-03-24 19:02

developer   ~43339

Can you be more specific about the cron batch? What is the command you're running?



2017-03-25 09:22

reporter   ~43342

In Cron batch which generate the tokens. It is perfectly working on the survey in which the number of records is less around 50K or less but it is only not working for a single survey having records >200K in the table. When trying to import more number of tokens in that survey it will failed or taking more time.

For reference attaching you the import_token file which i am using.

import_tokens.php (20,511 bytes)


2017-03-25 11:14

administrator   ~43345

Well, you are using an old unsupported version. I'm also not sure which way you are trying to import now, your self-coded import function, or the normal application one.
Please use the latest version and if you still have problems they usually originate from the duplicate check as with each entry it becomes more expensive to check for duplicates on import.

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