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12153Development LimeSurvey Websitepublic2017-04-25 11:28
Reporterjiripavlicek Assigned Toc_schmitz  
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Product Version2.5x 
Summary12153: missing product version 2.6x in Report Issue for on
DescriptionThere is a missing value "2.6x" in Product Version dropdown box.
Steps To Reproduce1. visit page
2. open "Product Version" dropdown box
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2017-02-26 00:01

partner   ~43085

You wrote 2.6X. Do you mean 2.6.X is missing? The point is crucial since the version schema was changed.
I see e.g. 2.63.X 2.62.x ...
If you want to report something related to 2.6.X use 2.06+ for the moment.

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