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12074Development Otherpublic2017-04-25 11:48
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Summary12074: code readability/manageability improvement
DescriptionHi all,
thank you for your good work on Linesurvey! I have small improvement for better code readability/manageability - there is used so much strings like 'A', 'B', 'C', ... in source in conditions for question types. I replaces those string by constants. Why? Modern IDE's can show you where constant/variable/class/whatever else is used in source, but searching for string like 'A' can't return the same comfortable result. I made it fo question types, but there are other string for graph types and in import/export. may be next time I'll improve other source code part this way.
Yes, I know, that best of all would be to create general question type class and inherit it for all question types. But this change will be hard to make, so I made only first step - constants.
I'll create pull request in a while.
Let's discuss it.
Steps To ReproduceThis isn't any bug/issue report. This is created as announce of my pull request for improve code readability/quality. It doesn't fixes any bug/issue or add new feature. This is only code development improvement.
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2017-01-23 08:58

developer   ~42791

Really like the idea :) Maybe review contant name.

Example :
etc ...

The idea : 1st part is ~ DB type, after put detail.


2017-01-25 08:19

reporter   ~42825

Hi DenisChenu,

where is the best place to contact you? Here in issues tracker or in pull request discussion ?

I created constant names like QT_A_ARRAY_5_CHOICE_QUESTIONS mainly to help me check my replacements ;) Character "A" is here for easier checking to replaced right string by right constant. Also a left the same constant values - for example QT_A_ARRAY_5_CHOICE_QUESTIONS has value "A", main reason for that was not to broke Limesurvey in case I forget somewhere replace "A" string.

Let me know your idea about Question class constants names and I'll rename it and make new pull request.


2017-01-25 09:02

developer   ~42828

@jiripavlicek : yes pull request seems best, i'm not the only dev :).

@olle think it's best to have the old code (like you do)
@c-schmitz think it's best to make the pull for develop.


2017-02-09 08:05

reporter   ~42988

Any ideas how should I change my pull request to be suitable for you? Thanks.


2017-04-25 11:48

developer   ~43440

your PR is a great work. If you want to port it yourself, just do it in the develop branch, it will be released with LS3 in few months (with Twig engine for templates).

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