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11909Development Templatespublic2016-11-17 10:48
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Summary11909: Templates views (questions) : same method for all
DescriptionI want to start a discussion about template/questions view. Preparing twig and have same method.

Actual situation (2.5X or 3.0):
1. have all call of renderPartial in qanda, final call just do some echo of other renderPartial :
2. Have whole HTML in one file only : (and some other)
3. Have one file for all + using some foreach and renderPartial :
4. Have one file for all and some foreach (don't remind the question type for now)
Steps To ReproduceWorking on 3.0 : i found

1. solution is really difficult to use : must open qanda_helper + all views to update a little html part. Sometimes , some files seems not used or are diffciult to find.
2. Clearly not the better solution except for 'little HTML' question.
4. Make very big files

I think 3. solution is the best : easy to find file in only one view file (other are included here). We must/can have some rewrite to have lesser big file.
Additional InformationrenderPartial can be extended in : and take same logic than . Then it's not an issue to use Yii::app()->getController()->renderPartial directly for next release. (I can do the SurveysController->renderPartial function : no problem (easy).

But : we need to extend twig if we use it : add a function to call Yii::app()->getController()->renderPartial (or another way).

About 1+2+3+4 solution : when decision is take : we can rewrite partially each view one by one to use the new system.

Denis : solution 3 , step by step when we update a view (and have some times)
Louis : solution 3
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2016-11-15 09:57

developer   ~41950

Another question about some 'method'.

Yesterday i do a /survey/questions/global/table/cell/head-header /survey/questions/global/table/cell/head-information . I think it's a good idea BUT must be updated like

All item must have an html view in his directory. But this view can just call another 'global' view with params.
OK with this ?


2016-11-15 10:00

developer   ~41951

PS : sorry for "monitoring" but think dev decision must be whole team working on php files decision .


2016-11-15 10:34

developer   ~41953

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Indeed, solution 3/ is very close to the existing flow in 2.50.
Only difference is that in 2.50, the foreach statements remained in quanda.
So solution 3/ is like a new cycle of dev, it's for sure the best way to go.



2016-11-15 11:24

developer   ~41954

About cycle of dev: it's more "when you work on questions/views : if you can take some time to move to new method". Because the real cycle of dev happen when we move to twig.

BUt : we need to be sure to have a good way to have a twig->renderPartial system

About twig : seems we can use !

and then
{% for answer in aAnswers %}
{% include 'answer.twig' with {'answer.code': 'answer.text'} %}
{% endfor %}

But i'm unsure here :).


2016-11-15 11:50

developer   ~41956

yes, it's possible. So, for me, you're going the right way.


2016-11-17 00:08

developer   ~42007

Wait for twig decision.


2016-11-17 10:48

developer   ~42018

For the question view part: your choice is the good one.

The waiting decision is about the PSTPL files. We need to do some testing internally to see if it's possible in a reasonable time to replace the replacement_helper and part of survey_runtime by a twig implementation.

Again: The question views part doesn't depend on that.

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