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11680Development Templatespublic2018-02-16 15:54
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Target Version3.xFixed in Version3.x 
Summary11680: label in table : visible-xs-block or sr-only

Actually , for the label-text inside table : we use visible-xs-block : there are 2 issues :

  • Without no-more-table : it's broken
  • And the display none !important; is awfull for accessibility.

Actually : i move to sr-only: it's OK for the 2 issue before, but not easy to understand for template designer.

Steps To Reproduce

HUe , look at code ....

Additional Information

Maybe need a specific class by LS core : in fact i think have a limesurvey-core.css the most little possible allow us to use :

  • ls-visible-xs (for example) with a class accessible and hidden in md/lg
  • no-more-table by default for all answers table.

Any advice ?

Final : ls-label-xs-visibility





2016-10-05 00:37

developer   ~41133

[16:31] <LouisGac> " ls-label-in-cell-can-be-shown-in-xs-if-templet-want-it " :-D
[16:31] <shnoulle> It's not accessibiloity here (because this part is easy to use sr-only in place of hidden)
[16:31] <Tammo> And document, so no other developer will revert it without having deep thoughts about it...
[16:31] <LouisGac> yep good point
[16:32] <shnoulle> Tammo : yes : and must documentg than removing ls-core css package can broke template with minor release number
[16:32] <shnoulle> Then we can fix more easily template/js/css in minor release
[16:33] <LouisGac> I'm thinking about the " ls-label-in-cell-can-be-shown-in-xs-if-templet-want-it ", and I think it's a good solution (with a shorter name of course)
[16:33] <Tammo> ls-label-optional?
[16:33] <shnoulle> Give me the name : i put the css in core.css
[16:34] <shnoulle> limesurvey.css
[16:34] <Tammo> ls-label-xs-optional
[16:34] <shnoulle> because name help dev :)
[16:34] <LouisGac> maybe rather: ls-label-xs-visibility
[16:35] <LouisGac> so it's obvious you can set it to shown/hidden
[16:36] <Tammo> OK by me
[16:36] <shnoulle> Great :)

Then : ls-label-xs-visibility

Related Changesets

LimeSurvey: answers_html 86aeba89

2016-10-05 17:42:28


Details Diff
Dev issue 11680 : replace sr-only by ls-label-xs-visibility
Dev: tested on base_awesome + default with same template-core for all aray
Affected Issues
11449, 11680
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