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11244Development Usabilitypublic2016-05-24 14:26
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Summary11244: Requesting a release schedule with a lower frequency of updates

The amount of updates that are released for LS is unmanageable from a system administration perspective. This Feature Request is requesting a more structured release schedule that limits the amount of updates that must be managed and handled.

At a minimum having some indicator of severity of release needs - aka indicators that a security release is necessary etc.

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install and manage a LS instance.

Additional Information

whilst i understand that ComfortUpdate is your revenue stream and it does alleviate some of the installation mechanics, it still requires hands on work from an LS installation SysAdmin.

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2016-05-24 14:15

updater   ~38768

If you dislike this feature, please turn it off in config file.



2016-05-24 14:26

developer   ~38771

See security bug fix are taggued with [security].

For other bug fix : it's difficult to say if you need it or not.


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