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11065Development Survey takingpublic2016-04-28 10:02
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Summary11065: Remove, don't use uneeded input (max_input_vars)
DescriptionWith PHP or mod_security for older version : a lot of user have max_input_vars set.

We have a lot of forum topic where user have issue with this on Survey Taking part.
Then we must remove/not use new uneeded input in Public part.
Steps To ReproduceNo real steap, but : inlcude a big Array text can broke max_input_vars .

Look at "Date" question type : 3 new input added to add some 'js info' : this 2 new input are better if
- set in div like min value and max value
- or set "diabled" true

Additional InformationIt's a Development mantis : then it's for remind each time we update a system.
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