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10797Development Ergonomypublic2016-03-20 10:59
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned To 
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Product Version2.06 
Target Version3.x 
Summary10797: Remove radix usage in PHP : only for JS
Descriptionradix system is made in PHP and in JS. This disallow using input type="number" for numeric system.
Steps To ReproduceWith input type number : the browser choose the way to add radix. Then if user want , : the browser use , even if surveu is in english.

Additional InformationA lot of step to do
- Allow only number when validate (real number) in EM:_validateQuestion
- Remove the system to udpdate '.' to ',' when get the actiual answers (qanda)
- : think this one must show 1,1 if radix is set to , ?
- Others ? Sure !
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2016-03-20 10:59

developer   ~36620

Think same can be applied to date : allow to use input type='date' : phone browser are really better then us (or jq-ui or BS-ui).

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