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10163Development Accessibilitypublic2018-02-16 15:54
Reportercortxdp Assigned ToDenisChenu  
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Fixed in Version3.x 
Summary10163: Radio button table - Screen raders do not read table row headers
DescriptionI found a problem while testing radio table (type F) for accessibility issues.
While we tend to think that the table structure is enough to tell screen readers table headers each time we switch cell, it is not the case.

Normally when we navigate withing a data table, headers are read when we are changing columns or row. For example, when we are changing row, screen reader is reading the new row header but not the column headers.

The problem is when we include forms controls (radio button) in the table. Screen readers (I'm using NVDA) switch to "form navigation" and do not consider table headers anymore. It only reads the label.

The logic solution :
The right thing to do is not to use tables like these. While they are used to gain space and loose some repetition for not visually-impaired users, they have cognitive issues. You generaly can use multiple radio question instead.

Others solutions :
1. Dropping the table markup and using css to visually place the content. By dropping the table, we could add a <fieldset> for each row and put the question within the <legend>. This solution reaches the logic one by having multiple radio button question.
    Drawback : retrocompatibility issues, css implementation for positionning element has to be done.

2. Adding aria-labelledby attributes to the radio button wich point to the question text (row header) and radio value (column header). See file attached
    Drawback : Question text (row header) is read everytime we are changing value (it's ok for short question but not so much for long question).

3. Repeat the question text (row header) in the radio button label.

I’m open to suggestions/comment.

Many thanks.

P.S. for some reasons, the checkbox table is not working the same way. NVDA is reading row headers





2015-12-17 17:51


radiotable.txt (3,468 bytes)   
	<fieldset form="limesurvey" class="fixfieldset">
	<legend><div class="question-moved">Ça c'est la question?</div><div class="help-moved"></div><div class="man_message-moved"></div><div class="valid_message-moved"><div class="questionhelp" id="vmsg_150"></div></div><div class="file_valid_message-moved"></div></legend>
	<table class="question subquestions-list questions-list " summary="Un tableaux avec les sous questions sur chaque ligne. Les réponses sont les entêtes de colonnes.">
		<colgroup class="col-responses">
			<col class="col-answers" width="20%" />
			<col class="odd" width="26.7%" />
			<col class="even" width="26.7%" />
			<col class="odd" width="26.7%" />
		<thead><tr class="dontread">
				<th id="C01">Oui</th>
				<th id="C02">Non</th>
				<th id="C03">Peut-être</th>


			<tr id='javatbd335266X81X1501' class='array2 answers-list radio-list'>
				<th class="answertext" id="L01">
					Question 1<input type="hidden" name="java335266X81X1501" id="java335266X81X1501" value="" />
				<td class="answer_cell_00A1 answer-item radio-item" >
					<input aria-labelledby="L01 C01" class="radio" type="radio" name="335266X81X1501" value="A1" id="answer335266X81X1501-A1" onclick="checkconditions(this.value,, this.type)" />
					<!-- <label class="hide read" for="answer335266X81X1501-A1">Oui</label> -->
				<td class="answer_cell_00A2 answer-item radio-item"  >
					<input aria-labelledby="L01 C02" class="radio" type="radio" name="335266X81X1501" value="A2" id="answer335266X81X1501-A2" onclick="checkconditions(this.value,, this.type)" />
					<!--<label class="hide read" for="answer335266X81X1501-A2">Non</label> -->
				<td class="answer_cell_00A3 answer-item radio-item"  >
					<input aria-labelledby="L01 C03" class="radio" type="radio" name="335266X81X1501" value="A3" id="answer335266X81X1501-A3" onclick="checkconditions(this.value,, this.type)" />
					<!--<label class="hide read" for="answer335266X81X1501-A3">Peut-être</label> -->

			<tr id='javatbd335266X81X1502' class='array1 answers-list radio-list'>
				<th class="answertext" id="L02">
					Question 2<input type="hidden" name="java335266X81X1502" id="java335266X81X1502" value="" />
				<td class="answer_cell_00A1 answer-item radio-item">
					<input aria-labelledby="L02 C01" class="radio" type="radio" name="335266X81X1502" value="A1" id="answer335266X81X1502-A1" onclick="checkconditions(this.value,, this.type)" />
					<!--<label class="hide read" for="answer335266X81X1502-A1">Oui</label>-->
				<td class="answer_cell_00A2 answer-item radio-item">
					<input aria-labelledby="L02 C02" class="radio" type="radio" name="335266X81X1502" value="A2" id="answer335266X81X1502-A2" onclick="checkconditions(this.value,, this.type)" />
					<!--<label class="hide read" for="answer335266X81X1502-A2">Non</label>-->
				<td class="answer_cell_00A3 answer-item radio-item">
					<input aria-labelledby="L02 C03" class="radio" type="radio" name="335266X81X1502" value="A3" id="answer335266X81X1502-A3" onclick="checkconditions(this.value,, this.type)" />
					<!--<label class="hide read" for="answer335266X81X1502-A3">Peut-être</label>-->
radiotable.txt (3,468 bytes)   


2015-12-18 18:36

developer   ~34063


Actually : each cell have a label inside with "hide" class. The default hide class (included in survey) put it outside of screen, but screen reader must read it.
Maybe use title attribute can be a solution, but broken if ANswers are updated by Expression Manager.

For aria label solution :

Did this work : ?

I don't use aria-labelled-by for radio button, but i use:
role="radiogroup" / aria-labelled-by for each line.
According to :

Seems the best way, no ?


2015-12-21 17:52

reporter   ~34075


I tested your example and it works like a charm. Adding the role="radiogroup" and the labelledby on the tr is a solution I didn't think of.

Can this solution be integrated in the core anytime soon?

Many thanks


2015-12-21 18:39

developer   ~34079

After 2.5 is realeased as stable or for 2.5 stable release.


2016-06-03 18:04

reporter   ~39221

I think I am running into a similar problem when
I try to add suffix to an array using the documented work around.

I posted it in the following thread as well.. but I haven't had any response yet.


2016-06-08 08:36

partner   ~39309

IS this bugreport for LS 2.5 or LS 2.06? The ticket isn't showing any version.


2016-06-08 08:46

developer   ~39310

Yes : actually read only the label : then the 'answer', not the sub question.

And more : using only tab key : a screen reader don't read question text or help.

Maybe it's not exactly the same issue , but still a lot of issue in 2.50 for accessibility in public part.


2016-09-16 08:47

developer   ~40795

For 3.0 :
- we use aria-hidden for thead :
- label fro the input :
- role="radiogroup" aria-labelledby for the line :

Then : think we can not do more :)


2016-10-05 17:48

developer   ~41151

Adding role=group + role=radiogroup + aria-describedby + aria-labelledby

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