Scheduled For Release 2020-12-08
17232: [Other] Make function decryptEncryptAttributes() testable
17115: [Other] Remove all PHP4 idioms
17105: [Other] New service class to deal with PHP 7/8 issues
17057: [Other] Design a REST API
16924: [Other] Simplify Vue side-menu (JHoeck)
17012: [Other] Design for split architecture between Yii and Vue (JHoeck)
17001: [Other] Apply PSR-12 (cdorin)
16938: [Other] Split question controller into service classes (ollehar)
16890: [Survey editing] Dropin vue component example (ollehar)
17191: [Other] Remove unsused libraries (gabrieljenik)
17240: [Accessibility] Clean up functions related to question attributes (gabrieljenik)
16879: [Survey editing] All question themes will be available in question selector (ollehar)
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