Scheduled For Release 2013-05-15
05886: [Print View] Overwork PDF export(s) so they make use of XHTML + CSS and look nicer
06716: [Survey editing] question view screen does not syntax-highlight any advanced question options (user16774)
07067: [Theme editor] better theming of {QUESTIONHELP} (sammousa)
08156: [Other] Survey_links table. (c_schmitz)
05738: [Usability] No Password can be added - Create new user with Admin rights
07756: [Survey taking] Numeric input (sammousa)
07015: [Import/Export] Need to make SPSS/R data exports work like all other exports (seanrife)
06763: [Other] Question attributes are not part of the question objects yet (user16774)
06783: [Survey taking] GCI: Deprecated <center> tag used to align button on print answers page
05741: [Survey taking] Tip are not all included in {QUESTION_HELP} or elsewhere (DenisChenu)
06967: [Usability] Switch to ACE for syntax highlighting in template editor. (sammousa)
08672: [Expression Manager] Sub question attribute in mandatory question Filtered can not be answered (DenisChenu)
07692: [Survey editing] Removing uneeded sid and gid from admin link (DenisChenu)
04638: [Survey Design] Array Dual Scale - Dual Dropdown - id contains # (DenisChenu)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-12-18
15817: [RemoteControl] Refactor remote control handler into multiple files
15395: [_ Unknown] Split models into services and DAO (data access objects)
14723: [Survey Design] Global attribute or question dependance (cdorin)
15379: [Import/Export] Can't export users (eddylackmann)
16291: [Other] Revert file manager to LS3 (ollehar)
16141: [Survey editing] Remove the side-menu organizer and restore the old one
16842: [Other] Remove pjax - does it break? (JHoeck)
14784: [Survey Design] Question can't be saved using new question editor (markusfluer)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-12-08
17232: [Other] Make function decryptEncryptAttributes() testable
17115: [Other] Remove all PHP4 idioms
17105: [Other] New service class to deal with PHP 7/8 issues
17057: [Other] Design a REST API
16924: [Other] Simplify Vue side-menu (JHoeck)
17012: [Other] Design for split architecture between Yii and Vue (JHoeck)
17001: [Other] Apply PSR-12 (cdorin)
16938: [Other] Split question controller into service classes (ollehar)
16890: [Survey editing] Dropin vue component example (ollehar)
17191: [Other] Remove unsused libraries (gabrieljenik)
17240: [Accessibility] Clean up functions related to question attributes (gabrieljenik)
16879: [Survey editing] All question themes will be available in question selector (ollehar)
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