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DenisChenu GitHub develop 2018-10-16 17:06:56 develop f3f41faf
Affected Issues  13513: Update save way to add custom made EM functions

New feature 13513 : allow plugins to add expresssion manager function (#1081)

Dev: fix call_user_func_array not call_user_func
Dev: fixed issue with any number of arguments function
Dev: PHP function receive a big array with argument : call_user_function
Dev: add doHtmlList in example
Dev: rename event to ExpressionManagerStart : this is the real event
Dev: idea to add too a way to update knowVars of EM
Dev: add config.xml for plugin
Dev: fix js not loaded (strangely : Em is not initialized)
Dev: register expression-extend just after done
Dev: add sayHello function

mod - application/config/packages.php Diff File
mod - application/controllers/admin/expressions.php Diff File
mod - application/helpers/expressions/em_core_helper.php Diff File
mod - application/helpers/expressions/em_manager_helper.php Diff File
add - plugins/Demo/demoAddEmFunction/assets/demoAddEmFunction.js Diff File
add - plugins/Demo/demoAddEmFunction/config.xml Diff File
add - plugins/Demo/demoAddEmFunction/demo/limesurvey_survey_demo.lss Diff File
add - plugins/Demo/demoAddEmFunction/demoAddEmFunction.php Diff File
add - plugins/Demo/demoAddEmFunction/exampleFunctions.php Diff File