Released 2018-06-13
13778: [Import/Export] Exporting data to the most recent version of R leads to incorrect data (dominikvitt)
13725: [Survey taking] Bad behaviour of help with Expression Manager and em_validation_q_tip (DenisChenu)
13776: [Security] Survey admin can see all survey groups (dominikvitt)
13783: [RemoteControl] [json-API] token in add_response causes errors and does not work in update_response (dominikvitt)
12757: [Survey taking] When using only time inputs the date/time questions throws an em error (dominikvitt)
13774: [Survey taking] Date drop down always throws error using date format (dominikvitt)
13780: [Survey taking] Ranked items are re-set when using "previous" button (dominikvitt)
13762: [Other] copy question with subquestions (dominikvitt)
13741: [Translation] Bahasa Malaysia no longer in language selection. (c_schmitz)
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